Lockdown 2020 and lessons learned from cricket glorious cricket

We are now into our second week of our second lockdown in the UK.Β 

This time the schools remain open, but all grassroots sports have been put on temporary hold and our cricket season is over.

Clearly there is every reason to remain cautious with social distancing etc but surely the risks of catching Covid-19 whilst playing sport outdoors is not that significant for the kids compared to being indoors at school all day?

Sport plays such an important role in contributing to our overall wellbeing and one of the most enduring things I will take from looking back on this Summer when cricket was allowed to recommence was the incredible power it had to lift spirits, cement friendships and bring communities together despite everything.

Cricket is unique in its elements of individual play within a team setting but what I observed this season was such a strong sense of togetherness within our junior club setting which I believe was brought about because of the previous restrictions due to the pandemic: so perhaps we should be grateful?

Now that our cricket season is over I feel it is incredibly important to keep cricket on the agenda for people connected to the game; whether that be zoom chats with parents, sharing fun activities that anyone can try at home such as our own #stayathomecricket campaign or sharing personal stories from people involved in the game in our #podcast series. The purpose behind all these initiatives is the same: lift people’s spirits, keep people interested in the game and keep people connected to each other in these ongoing challenging times.

Stay safe everyone, stay positive and stay connected to cricket.